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Sprint into Spring 7 Days to $700!

Please join our team and  "Sprint into Spring" by helping us reach our goal of $700 in 7 Days! The OPCC Annual Appeal is coming to a close and we are only $700 away from reaching our goal! Join team OPCC and together we can win! The funds raised from our Annual Appeal help our outreach programs that enable us to continue to serve the Greater Philadelphia Community. 

Annual Appeal 2013

Goal: $15,000

Current Total: $14,394.43

The Old Pine Community Center provides Hope for hundreds of individuals annually. Hope gives a person the opportunity to look toward a better tomorrow and know that today is not the end but the beginning.

Help us in our quest to provide HOPE to the Greater Philadelphia area.  Through our various programs we aim to educate and aid people of all ages so that they can have the HOPE for tomorrow.  For more information or to learns ways to donate to the 2013 Annual Appeal contact the Old Pine Community Center at 215.627.2493.